With our NFT collections we are aiming for utility and fun.

Monsta Party Collection

Earn MONSTA dividends with your Monsta Party NFTs! The goal is to get as much Party Experience Points (PXP) as possible to get the biggest share of the feeding, NFT royalty proceeds, and rewards from robberies!

Get a deeper insight into the Monsta Party game mechanics in our blog and announcement articles

Diamond Claw Collection

Legacy Diamond Claw NFTs have been deprecated and replaced with the Diamond Claw Elite collection as per the passed community proposal CMP-2023/3

Diamond Claw Elite NFT Collection

Introducing Diamond Claw Elite NFTs (DCE), the highly rewarding and exclusive collection designed to reward MONSTA holders. With benefits ranging from monthly claimable rewards and voting power, to treasury revenue shares and premium perks, DCE offers an immersive experience for loyal community members.

Read more about the DCE NFT Collection in our announcement article below

Eternal Cake Lottery

Buy a ticket once, use it forever!

That's right! NFT Tickets purchased for our Eternal Cake lotto are valid for the ongoing draws that occur every 3 days! Read more about the Eternal Cake lotto in our announcement article below, and purchase your tickets via our verified listing on tofuNFT

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