Eternal Cake Lottery

Buy a ticket once, use it forever!

Every lotto draw is determined via Chainlink VRF, ensuring true randomness and a fair and transparent draw.

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A ticket is valid for eternity and total available tickets are limited!

Eternal CAKE Lottery


  • 5% of the 15% of every Inactivity Tax vault contribution is added to the lotto prize pool


  • Users holding the winning NFT have 60 hours (2.5 days) to claim their prize (before the next draw occurs)

  • If there is no winner, or a winner did not claim the prize, the prize will be added to the next draw

  • Users must hold the winning ticket NFT in their wallet before the winning number is drawn otherwise they will be unable to claim the prize

  • The winning number has to be the exact same numbers as your ticket. (from left to right)


Every draw result will be shown on our dashboard and in our Telegram and Twitter alert channels! A history of the previous 10 draws will also be viewable within the dAPP.

You can see the current prize pot on the lotto dashboard or in our Telegram statistics channel!

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