Rob a Monsta

Get rewarded for being active and taking care of your Monsta Party NFT!


Before RaM, all Party Monstas that had been fed at least once, continued to accrue MONSTA dividends even if were not fed again. This means that at any point, holders could come along and claim the pending dividends. Unfair!

Get Rekt!

‘Rob A Monsta’ punishes this lame attitude towards our active Monstas by adding a new twist to the collection that allows active Party Monstas to literally rob the pending MONSTA dividends and PXP from the inactive Monstas!

Great! But, beware!

When a “robbery” is initiated, an alert is sent on Telegram and Twitter notifying all other night stalking gangs, making it possible for other active Party Monstas to come and try to participate in the ongoing assault! HOWEVER… only one of you will succeed in the robbery and claim the available loot! 😈

Gen-0 Party Monstas with MORE than 10,000 PXP will have the following benefits

  • Higher probability (boost) of succeeding in the robbery.
  • Ability to participate in robberies up to TWO TIMES per day (12hr cooldown versus 24hrs for <10k PXP)

Gameplay Example

  • Party Monsta #1 is inactive and has been accruing MONSTA dividends. “Inactive” is defined as a Party Monsta that has not been fed for 10 days! Tip: All Party Monstas get 5 daily PXP.
  • An active Gen-0 Party Monsta (fed in the last 12 hours) goes to the Rarity screen in the Monsta Party App and hunts to find the inactive Party Monsta #1.
  • They select the active Party Monsta #1 (must be fed) and click the “Rob” button, they see that it is inactive and is eligible for a robbery, and decide to attempt the robbery.
  • The robbery is initiated and a notification is sent to Telegram alerting users that a robbery is underway.
  • There is a 15 minute window in which another Gen-0 Party Monsta can also join and participate in the robbery. (There is no limit on the number of Robbers that can join/participate in an active robbery.)
  • No other robberies can take place while one is already happening. Once a robbery ends and the loot is claimed (or unclaimed and the timer expires), another can begin.
  • The robber who succeeds takes 50% of the entire pending MONSTA dividend balance, but he has only 15 minutes to claim the loot! The other 50% is burned 🔥🔥
  • The robber also takes ALL pending Daily PXP that the victim has accrued (if claimed).
  • For active Gen-0s, only ONE robbery can be committed in a 24 hour period.
  • For Gen-0s with more than 10,000 PXP, two robberies can be committed in a 24 hour period.
  • Only Gen-0’s are eligible to partake in robberies
So… Party Monstas must remain active to avoid being robbed by roaming Monsta gangs! Keep your Party Monsta active by feeding and claiming often! Party Monstas must be fed at least once every 10 days in order to be able to claim their pending rewards and PXP.
Robbers must hunt for the biggest loot and must ensure they have high relative PXP to stand the greatest chance of succeeding in the robbery!
Picking a time when other robbers might not be watching will be advantageous as well! 😉

Happy hunting!

Rob a Monsta (RaM) has arrived!
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